Don’t Let Time Kill Your Car Wreck’s Value

Don’t Let Time Kill Your Car Wreck’s Value

Oklahoma has strict rules about the length of time you have to sue someone. These rules are called statutes of limitation. If you don’t sue an individual who injured you in a car wreck within the proper time — 2 years in personal injury cases — then you can’t ever sue them in the future. This prohibition can have a serious effect on the value of your car wreck. But it’s not just the statutes that can hurt the value of your auto accident.


Recently, several injury victims contacted us to help handle their car wreck claims. Through no fault of their own, these victims received injuries in auto accidents. Unfortunately, they believed that the other party’s insurance company would treat them fairly. That wasn’t the case.

The individuals soon became frustrated with having “the run around” by the other party’s insurance company, and quickly let their claims “rest.” These folks quickly discovered that time is not on your side in an auto accident, especially if you have a “disputed case.”

Claims adjusters want to do their best to delay payments on difficult cases because that means you forget about the 2 year time limit, or get so frustrated with the process you accept a lower settlement amount. In these cases, victims must rush to find an attorney or receive less than their case’s true value.

In any car accident, you shouldn’t let the other side’s insurance company dictate how you handle your claim. You must be very proactive in fighting for the compensation you deserve. You should seek the advice of an experience auto accident attorney immediately.

If you’re injured in an auto accident, call our firm at 405-748-0318. We’ll tell you where you stand and help you get the most for your auto accident.

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